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Our rates are extremely competitive for all work that the company undertake and we are happy to quote for individual work or projects that are part of a larger venture for both Marine  Work and UHP Water Blasting.





Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Water Jetting is extremely effective on all types of surfaces.









and many more.




TEL:   01634 253267

MOB:  07860 820663


bulletFull Blast

Removes all unwanted material i.e.. rust, scale, paint and marine growth taking it back to the

bare metal.


bulletSweep Blast

Removes loose rust, loose paint and marine growth.


UHP Water Blasting - PLA Surplus


bulletFully Mobile
All our UHP Water jetting machines are fully mobile.

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bulletCoating Applications

All necessary coating applications can be carried out to the customers specification, once the UHP Water Blasting has finished.

UHP Water Blasting

Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Water blasting is the contemporary, environmentally friendly way of preparing surfaces for painting as a replacement for sandblasting or grit blasting.  It leaves no mess from grit or other abrasives, no contamination from dust and most importantly none of the costly cleanup and disposal costs that arise when abrasives are used. With UHP water blasting once the waste is dry; it can be swept up and disposed of safely. 

Because our Ultra High Pressure (UHP) equipment is easily transportable we are able to attend to customerís requirement anywhere in the United Kingdom.


Cargo Ships Hold - Before Blasting


Cargo Ships Hold heavily scaled with burnt flaking paint before being Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Blasted. 


Cargo Ships Hold - After Blasting


Cargo ships hold after blasting & painting, using UHP Water Blasting machinery working up to 35000 psi. Taking it  back to bare metal.


Steel - Before & After UHP Blasting

bulletBefore & After

Heavily scaled steel before and after using Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Blasting machinery. 

Pontoon Being Painted After Surface Preparation Has Been Carried Out

bulletCoating Applications

The application of coatings to Steel, Machinery, Frames, Gates etc., after surface preparation using a surface tolerant two part epoxy coating.


We can carry out Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water blasting for all types of steel hulled boats, barges, ships and other marine vessels regardless of size. Our UHP systems can also be used to clean and maintain virtually any structure from boats to buildings and road surfaces.  It is capable of removing paint, rust and scale, chalking on coatings such as epoxies, graffiti, and concrete. 


UHP Water Blasting

Prices do depend on the area to be blasted, the surface finish and the amount of fuel and water required. Marine Repairs provide the UHP blasting equipment, a qualified technician and UHP blasters for all jobs.

Removal Of Paint Using UHP Water Blasting

Whatever the clients cleaning needs industrial or private, we  can help.  For more information please call us on 01634 253267 or CLICK HERE as we are always happy to help. 

UHP Water Blasting

Once the work volume has been agreed we will produce a per square metre blasted, daily or complete job rate depending on the customers requirements.



"Our experienced personnel are available around the clock and

 Marine Repairs Limited are fully insured."