Self Levelling Steps
Boat Stands

Machinery Repairs




Plating & Welding

Steel renewals to vessels to survey requirments.  Damage repairs , modifications both structual and cosmetic utilising stick, mig and flux core processes as well as gas

& plasma cutting.

We can manufacture one off items to customer requests in ferous and non ferous metals, such as couplings, shafts and bushes.  We skim valve seats, cut keyways and drill and tap holes.

Construction of customer required items, for example, keel stands, mobile adjustable steps and bollards. Larger items such as, pontoons and barges built from steel.  We also fabricate items in stainless steel and aluminimum.

Overhauls and repairs of marine diesel engines and other machinery such as pumps, coolers and winches.  We can carry out overhauls on engine from 10 - 1000 BHP